Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Monday, July 18, 2011

Still Jogging With The Kids

Joy!!!!!!!!!!! Yes. Total sarcasm.  Shhhh. Don't tell them I said that!  Celeste is REALLY trying my patience.  Every day we jog it's something new, "My head hurts." "My leg hurts."  "I'm too tired." Ahhhhhhh!  And then sweet Alexander. (Yea, I'm thinking of switching to their middle names.)  The first week he didn't quite make it but today he made it!  He jogged all 8 segments.  Now if I can just get Celeste to join in....joyfully.  I'm not holding my breath.  I didn't blog about our jog Friday cause I was just to pissed that I had go through this journey with my kids.  Today I felt a little better.  But still unhappy at the heat.  Go away Summer!!!!!!!!!  I guess I'm done whining. We'll stick with week one of the C25k for this week as well.  I'll move them on to week two next week.  Pray for Celeste to get her rear in gear! Thanks. ;-)

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