Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Two

  Yesterday I did a Leslie DVD.  5k with a twist!  Made the whole 5k.  Good workout and I loved being in the air conditioning. =)  Today I made my goal of jogging and sprinting.  I did all 8 segments.  The only thing I did different today was I walked the 5 min. warm up and the 5 minute cool down.  I went a shorter distance but I was happy to have made it.  I did start out slow and sore.  My legs were heavy and tired and really didn't want to go. Then by the last sprint I was ready to quit.  I was really happy to hear that it was time to cool down. The bad news is that I had some pretty bad pain in my shin afterwards.  I iced it but it still hurts. Going to have to wrap it for the day and make sure I wrap it during the jogs. Even though I don't like that, it makes me hotter, and I just don't want to.  Not liking this aging body. Gotta fight back!!

Total distance was 1.68 miles
Average pace was 16:53
Total workout time was 28.20
Fastest 11:34  Slow Pace 14 to 16 min/mi

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