Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Monday, July 25, 2011

Piece of Cake

   I think it's possible that I am getting slower with my jogs, not faster.  This heat is wearing me down and honestly it's really not that bad.  When we got home from the jog this morning it was 86 and the heat index was 90.  I guess the heat is just very draining.  Not to mention that fact that it's just depressing since it's day after day of 100+ degree weather.  I'm really looking forward to Winter.  Yes, I skipped Fall, South Texas skips Fall weather.  Winter is Fall. =)  But I digress.  See?  This weather is soooo distracting!
   I will be moving on to week two of C25k on Wednesday.  Alexander is doing very well and Celeste, um. Not sure what to say about her.  I'd say she has given up but she never really gave her best to begin with.  I'm thinking grounding her from the phone might help to get her rear in gear.
   What got me through today's jog?  A phrase.  This is a piece of cake. I do have not cake to eat but I just kept telling myself, "Piece of cake, you can do this."

Distance 1.8
Pace 16:52
Time 30:21

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