Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Harvest 5K 2011

On October 1st 2011 this little family of four did an official 5k fun run. The money from this race to Meals On Wheels.   It took place in Georgetown Texas at 8:30 am.  I was loving every minute of it!

Here are the boys ready to go.  Brian was ready to see how well he could do. G was also ready to give it his all.

I had hoped for a fun picture with my daughter but the little one just wouldn't cooperate.  This event was the one place she did not want to be.

This was a small race, not crowded, but enough people around (90 some) to make it exciting and fun.  Many people walked, including M.  She walked with a few woman who stayed near the back. I had hoped to do what I could.  My training as I neared this race had not been so great. So finishing in less than an hour was on my mind.   I did my best to pass a speed walker who was always in front of me and I'm sorry to say he was just too fast for me. LOL!  But what an inspiration.  He was in his 70's and was a cancer survivor.  I was glad to have come in right behind him. 

Brian finished in 3rd place for the men in his age group.  25:58.45

Gabriel came in 2nd place for the boys in his age group.   41:04  Not really dressed as a runner and always with a goofy facial expression. Love this kid!

I didn't place for my age group but I was very happy with my time.  While I trained I never got this good a time.  43:24

Sweet Michaela, who did not want to be here. Placed 3rd place for the girls in her age group 49:19.  Didn't even try. Just had to show up. ;-)  I pray she grows close to God and gets rid of this rebelious tween attitude. SOON!  No picture for her finish as she came in with a group and was behind them all.

It was a fun day and I hope to talk them all into participating in this event again next year.

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