Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family Walk

    We walk every night.  Most of the time we goof off and play.  Occasionally we just walk and talk among ourselves. Tonights family walk was FULL of laughter. So I thought, what a wonderful memory to share in my first blog.
  The walk started out like any other. I walk Josey,(our white miniature schnauzer) Brian and Mini Me are walking behind me while Bubba rides his scooter.  The fun begins when Mini walks behind some bushes and Brian hides at the opposite end of the bushes and at just the right moment he jumps out to scare Mini. She screams, we all laugh. I'm sure the neighbors right there truely enjoyed all the noise.
  We walk on and Mini Me decides to tell a joke that she has enjoyed telling this week. I roll my eyes but play along. Again. Mini--"Are you my mom?"  Me--"Yes."  Mini--"Really? I thought moms were supposed to be cool."  At which point she laughs. I laughed the first time she told this joke. A week ago.
   And along we walk getting closer to home. I'm walking hand in hand with Mini Me. She wipes her nose on my shirt sleeve so, (I know she was just scratching her nose) I decided to wipe my nose on her sleeve. At which point Brian, who is behind us, takes my pony tail and wipes his nose on my hair. That was all it took for Mini and I to fall on the ground in complete, and full bodied laughter. We laughed a lot tonight, maybe we were just so tired that everything seemed funny.
Job 8:21 NLT
He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.


  1. I'm glad you guys got a chance to get out a just laugh. Those are my favorite times and wonderful memory makers. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from our family bike rides.

  2. What a wonderful thing that you go on family walks. I would LOVE it if I could convince my hubby to do that. He's not an outdoorsy kind of guy and he doesn't like to be out in the heat or humidity. The laughter you all shared sounds like such a blessing.

    On a different note, I love the blog design. It looks great! Good luck with your blogging journey. It's so much fun, isn't it? :)

    Many blessings,